A downloadable game for Windows

Sharks are on the hunt!

In the depth of the ocean you, Father fish, need to protect your babies from getting eaten! Keep them calm and don't let them swim off in panic!
It sure doesn’t help that Mother fish is giving birth, at an increasing rate...
Just don't lose control!

Your goal is to keep as many baby fish alive as possible as the sharks circle closer and closer.


Controller (PS/Xbox)
MovementWASDLeft Stick
Soothe All
CtrlX / A


As time passes your baby fish get scared and will swim off into the unknown. By swimming next to a scared one you're able to soothe it and it'll return to the school. If too many babies get scared at once and you're about to lose control, you have a Soothe All action at your disposal to calm all scared ones (every 15 seconds).

Created by:

Andy - Art, Music
Darman - Programming


Parental Control 84 MB
Parental Control with prerequisites (DirectX, etc.) 123 MB


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Actualy feels like under the water and original idea love it